Ispartakule Suburban Line to Pass Under Channel Istanbul

a curious wait for the channel istanbul project
a curious wait for the channel istanbul project

Situated close to Ispartakule, where branded housing projects rise one after another, Kanal Istanbul adds great value to the Bahçeşehir – Ispartakule axis with its North Marmara Motorway, 3rd Airport and metro plans.

Ispartakule will be the new city with planned mega projects of Istanbul. The Ispartakule region, which will be the favorite of investors with Kanal Istanbul, Northern Marmara Motorway, 3rd Airport and metro plans, has been evaluated by TOKI and Emlak Konut as qualified residential areas.

The 3rd Airport and 3 bridge routes, which are located close to Ispartakule, where branded housing projects rise one after another, add great value to the Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule axis.

Where does Kanal Istanbul pass?

According to the statements, Kanal Istanbul, officially, will be launched on the European Side of the city. An artificial waterway will be opened between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea in order to relieve the ship traffic in the Bosporus, which is currently an alternative gateway between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. At the point where the canal meets the Sea of ​​Marmara, it is planned to establish one of two new cities planned to be established by 2023.

453 million square meters city

Kanal İstanbul constitutes 453 million square meters of the New City, which is planned to be built on 30 million square meters. Other areas are divided into airports with 78 million square meters, Ispartakule and Bahçeşehir with 33 million square meters, roads with 108 million square meters, zoning parcels with 167 million square meters, and common green areas with 37 million square meters.

The price will work

The study of the project took two years. The excavation will be used in the construction of a large airport and port, and will be used to fill quarries and mines.

20 billion pounds in the first place

The total cost of the project is expected to be 20 billion pounds. Taking into account the investments such as bridges and airports, the total cost is estimated to increase to over 50 billion lira.

3. Airport land prices blew up!

After the location of the 3rd airport to be built in Istanbul was determined, land prices in the region where the project studies were carried out went into flight. In Ispartakule, Arnavutköy, Çatalca, Yeniköy, Silivri, Bahçeşehir, Başakşehir, Hadımköy regions, the land prices gained 5 times. Land prices in Arnavutköy, located in the region closest to the airport, have skyrocketed from 70-80 thousand liras to 500 thousand liras.

Accelerated in the last 1 month

However, the Third Airport project provided movement to the region. After the announcement of the borders of the airport, a fierce competition began between real estate investors. In areas close to the 3rd Airport, it is claimed that square meter prices will increase at a faster rate. In addition to the 3rd Airport, Kanal Istanbul

It is stated that the real estate market in the region will increase with the North Marmara Motorway and 3rd Bridge projects and small and big investors and corporate firms are also looking for land in the region. Due to Metro planning in connection with the city, land prices in all regions that will be located on the line are also above normal.

The price of the plots in areas such as Silivri, Çatalca, Büyükçekmece, Hadımköy, Isparta, Başakşehir, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, which are among the districts adjacent to the third airport, greatly appreciated. With the opening of the airport, real estate prices in the surrounding districts are expected to increase substantially.

Mecidiyeköy Ispartakule Metro Line Added Value to the Region

The Metro project, which excites Ispartakule residents, is starting. Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey - Halkalı - Bahçeşehir Metro Line works are starting. Metro project; will reduce the total distance of 12,5 kilometers to 19 minutes.

Transportation in Ispartakule will be very relaxing. By-pass 4,5 kilometers of traffic

Disclosures from IMM Transportation Planning Directorate; Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey - Halkalı - Bahçeşehir Metro Line is that the works are done quickly… Metro project; will reduce the total distance of 12,5 kilometers to 19 minutes. With the realization of the project, 4.5 kilometers of traffic on TEM will by-pass. Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey - Halkalı - The stops and stations on the Bahçeşehir Metro Line are listed as follows. Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey-Mimar Sinan, Mehmet Akif-Halkalı/ Atakent Halkalı Mass Housing-TEMA, Hospital-Altınşehir, Resneli-Ispartakule / Bahçeşehir. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail Systems Department, European Side Rail Systems Directorate has a "two rail system project" in this region. "So is this work for the metro line or suburban line?" The question began to become clear. The first of the projects is the metro line, which is planned to be opened until 2019. The second is shown as a suburban line that will also be connected to Marmaray. Sirkeci-Halkalı- Work on the railway between Bahçeşehir continues at full speed. Line work has started for the rail system that will go in the direction of Istanbul Bahçeşehir (Ispartakule). The line that excites Ispartakuleli people watching from Bahçeşehir side road is on the right side of the lake. HalkalıIt continues on the train route from. The suburban line is planned to open in February, according to information from TCDD officials.

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