Islahiye-Nurdağı ring road 3 was opened to traffic with sacrifice

İslahiye-Nurdağı ring road was opened to traffic by cutting 3 victims: In the İslahiye District of Gaziantep, the 2012-kilometer İslahiye-Nurdağı ring road, which was started to be built in 24 and was recently completed, was opened to traffic by cutting 3 victims.
The ceremony, which was started in 2012 in order to relieve traffic in the district center and opened to traffic in the newly completed ring road; İslahiye Mayor Kemal Vural, District Police Chief Enver Soylu, who participated in the road construction with the company officials and citizens attended.
İslahiye Mayor Kemal Vural cut the sign at the entrance of the road with the warning 'This Road is Closed to Traffic' with a spray length, and then cut 3 victims and cut the red ribbon with the attendees and opened the road. İslahiye Mayor Kemal Vural stated that with the opening of the 24-kilometer ring road, the urban traffic will be relieved and said, “The existing road that provides transportation between the provinces in the district center was narrow and the vehicle density was not able to handle accidents, as well as drivers who engaged in transit transportation. He said that drivers who make transit transportation with the ring road will have the opportunity to travel comfortably with the 24-kilometer ring road before entering the city center.


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