Road Marking Study on Silk Road

Road Marking Study on İpekyol was Conducted: A line study was started on the roads paved in the scope of the superstructure works in Silopi district of Şırnak.
One of the most important elements that provide safety in the traffic flow in Silopi is the road lines that determine areas such as pedestrian crossing and car parking in the streets and streets. In line with the work initiated by Cizre Highways Branch Branch, the lines were completed at the Silk Road where asphalt was completed. Starting from the entrance of the Silopi district center line work continued outside the district.
First of all, the highways teams, which were parked on the Silk Road, then closed the road to traffic as a single lane. Highways teams to prevent the occurrence of long queues after taking the necessary measures placed staff to many points. Following the measures taken on the road in the center of the district was completed.
The Traffic Branch Directorate of Silopi District Police Department also provided assistance to highways teams in Ipekyolu.



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