İneboluda Bridge Construction Work

Inebolu Bridge Construction Work: Inebolu construction work is underway due to the tender specifications of the bridge construction has been stopped.
Musa Önder, the contractor of the construction firm DSK İnşaat, stated that there are some problems in the construction of the bridge on the Victory Road in İnebolu, expressing that there is no disruption in the construction of the bridge, Highways 15. Regional Directorate of the tender specifications during the meeting 1 December201-1 April 2015 should not work between the dates specified that the study said.
Stating that DSK İnşaat, which is carrying out the construction of the bridge, did not go outside the specified tender specifications and therefore did not carry out any work between 1 December 2014-1 April 2015, he said: The conditions of the tender are not to be worked during certain periods of the year, ie between 1 December 2014 and 1 April 2015 due to weather conditions. Given the weather conditions on the beach, we cannot ignore the health status of any of our workers. We have to think about the safety of our workers. The conditions under which we will work and the period in which we are not officially working are determined. In addition, although the person who drowned while collecting firewood had nothing to do with us, we had to take a break from our search. In terms of weather conditions and other reasons, there is no problem in İnebolu bridge works. We will resume our work as soon as possible ”

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