Light appeared in the second Göcek Tunnel

Light appeared in the second Göcek Tunnel: Göcek Tunnel, which was built with a build-operate-transfer model for 25 years in Göcek Neighborhood, which connects Muğla and Fethiye District to Antalya, is built in the new tunnel for free passage by the Antalya Regional Directorate of Highways. light appeared.
The second tunnel, the construction of which started in September 2013 in Göcek, came to an end. tunnel made the transition from the immediate vicinity of Turkey's most expensive tunnel will begin in May. Citizens will not be obliged to pass through the existing tunnel, which he calls “Crazy Dumrul Tunnel” due to his mercenary. The first is 13 governments and 8 prime ministers, and the second tunnel, which can be completed in 17 years, is expected to be completed and put into service in a period of 1.5 years.
It was reported that the Second Göcek Tunnel, which will provide a free passage by the Antalya Regional Directorate of Highways, will be 868 in length, 8 in height and 5 meters in width. Excavation and drilling works have been completed and 90 meters of the tunnel, where a team of 600 people work, has been concreted and barrier placement works have been completed. It is stated that there will be no toll fee from the tunnel to be opened in May 2015 from Fethiye to Muğla.
It is seen as indicating that the AK Party Mugla Deputy Ali even imagine the first tunnel in Gocek bull, "all tunnels in Turkey free. It was paid only in Göcek, which made our citizens and foreign guests victimized. We told our former Minister of Transport and Maritime Binali Yıldırım that our neck was bent due to this single toll tunnel. We asked for the second one to be done. Its construction was started in September 2013 with the instructions of the then minister Yıldırım and was largely completed. From May, vehicles using the Antalya-Muğla Highway and local people will meet with free passage. ” Taurus also noted that the existing tunnel can be transferred to the public for a certain price and made free.
Tinsa Construction and Industry Limited Company has been operating with the build-operate-transfer model for 25 years and has been operating since 2006 and has a transit fee of 950 lira from cars, and 3.5 lira from trucks, buses and trucks.

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