IETT receives two more quality certificates

IETT has received two other quality certificates: IETT has been awarded the itesi ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidelines Standard İ and / EN 13816 Tunnel / Nostalgic Tram Lines Standard for Service Quality in Public Transport in.
In a written statement on the subject, IETT, which has 10 quality certificate in different categories, has received two new documents.
In the statement, it was stated that the "ISO 26000" certificate was given to the company due to the principles of accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, taking into account stakeholder expectations, compliance with legal regulations, respect for international norms of behavior and human rights in the field of social responsibility projects and social responsibility.
IETT has received yolcu EN 13816 Service Quality Certificate in Public Transport ları with services such as accessible information for passengers with disabilities, passenger information screens, and other transportation networks for stations on tunnel and nostalgic tram lines.
IETT General Manager Mumin Kahveci said lik We got our EN 13816 quality certificate by implementing our principles such as suitability, accessibility, information, time and customer service. We are determined to continue our quality journey. Last year we received the EFQM excellence award. This year both the EFQM award 'Turkey Excellence' and 'European Excellence' award will refer to "the assessment found.




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