Everywhere metro Every trouble metro

Metro to everywhere Metro to trouble: Tram, metro, metrobus and Marmaray service to our people can not be ignored. Satisfaction increases as the efforts to relieve transportation increase. So there are no failures in the actions carried out in the name of providing solutions to traffic?
From Söğütlüçeşme to Avcılar, 24 is a great infrastructure move. The metrobus is greatly appreciated at any time of the day, from the night worker to the morning shift, from sitting late with friends to running around the European and Asian side for shopping. The biggest criticism is that it is crowded. It's a grind to be standing for hours. Citizens are uncomfortable with transfers. He doesn't want to land again when he does. The increase in transference increases the chaos. Although the number of flights and vehicles increased the same rate of interest is preventing the solution.
Metro; With the slogan 'metro everywhere, metro everywhere', we see that the rail system network has been expanding year by year. It is important that the most extreme points from Kurtköy to Bağcılar, from Ataşehir to Yeni Kapı are connected to each other and supported by Marmaray. As in the case of Metrobus, the large number of transfers makes the citizen uneasy.
Connection points are inevitable, but it is more important to provide them with practical solutions. On the Anatolian side, Uzunçayır metro, which needs to ease E-5 traffic, is the most complained stop. People are walking about 20-25 minutes to reach the train. E-5 does not provide an alternative to the crowd when you add the waiting time. The same problem exists at the Kartal Courthouse stop. Of course, these were considered in the course of the projects, but what other rational solutions could be offered upon this should be discussed. Most people complain about unnecessary stops.
12 hour flight from the United States to Yeşilköy, a citizen, Time 23: 30 can not take the subway to go home. Sabiha Gokcen Airport has this problem. These places also need to be connected to the main arteries with 24 clock continuous and rail systems. The transportation of the world tourism city Istanbul has to be uninterrupted at 24 hours. Expectations will naturally increase as the number of people increases.




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