Haydarpasa Station Was Blown Up

Haydarpaşa Railway Station was blown up: 1000 people, including soldiers and civilians, died in the bombing in Haydarpaşa. It was claimed that this sabotage, which was recorded as the most casualty in our country in 1917, was carried out by the French agent Georg Mann.
THE WHOLE world was locked in the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Many scenarios were produced regarding the attack in which 17 people lost their lives. Similar attacks have always been made around the world. also was a similar massacre in Turkey. Besides, not tens, not hundreds, but more than 1000 people lost their lives. September 6, 1917, Thursday, at 16:30… There were two explosions every seven seconds that shook the whole of Istanbul. Probably it was the explosions of these lands that caused the most casualties… How many people died was never revealed. It is said in many sources that there were more than 1000 casualties. Istanbulites were used to bombs. Because British planes were bombing Istanbul with air strikes that started at night and then carried out during the day.
Istanbul was bombed a lot by planes, even if we say 85 people died in an attack, it may come as a surprise to those who are not familiar with history. It was the years of World War I, there was intense censorship in the press, it is not known even today because it cannot be written. The Ottomans were protesting these air strikes as they were directed against civilians, but they did not have any authority to tell and stop the crime against humanity.
Those who heard the explosions on that bad day of September 6 had thought that British planes were bombing somewhere, but they especially sensed that there was something much bigger than the sound of the second explosion. All shops in Beyoğlu close, people hide in their homes. Haydarpaşa Train Station was blown up, a horrible fire was turning the place it touched, including all the surrounding buildings, into ashes. There was a sound in every head, the planes bombed, the ship loaded with ammunition attached to the pier blew up… The rumor was various. Writing was also forbidden due to the martial law, Tanin, the newspaper of the era, had a brief explanation: The crane that dropped a bomb from the ship approaching the pier was broken, the bombs fell and there was an explosion.
There were even people who said that there was a fire in the tavern inside the station. While reading the memories of that period, it is the rumor that the crane operator was Armenian, so it was actually sabotage, not an accident. In an article published in 1817 in a magazine called "Blackwood's" published in Scotland and published between 1980-1934, it was claimed that the sabotage of an Irish doctor of Armenian origin was mostly fantasy. In order to know who might have done it, it is necessary to know what was happening there that day. Arms and ammunition were shipped to the "Lightning Armies" established by the Ottoman Empire to defend the Palestine, Syria and Iraq fronts. It was a large enough shipment for 200 people. The Lightning Armies were founded in June 1917 by the Ottoman and its ally Germany, and weapons and ammunition were supplied by the Germans. Garda just lacked soldiers, guns and ammunition. Civilian people also traveled normally by trains. It was also a reason for the magnitude of the loss. A train full of civilians and ammunition loaded with all the soldiers on the train, the officers were almost
who died near the station.
It was never understood who did the sabotage, but it was generally said that British spies did it. Although there was no proof, it was accepted as such. Until, 63 years later, in October 1980, until an article published in the history magazine "For Years"… "I recognized the man who blew up Haydarpaşa Train Station!" The author of the article published with the title was A. Baha Özler. Özler was an interesting person who had worked in the foreign news service of Hürriyet newspaper for many years. It was interesting because he was an Albanian noble who was Foreign Minister in the Kingdom of Albania, which is called Free Albania, and studied in Vienna.
Baha Bey was someone who spoke many foreign languages. It was in Sirkeci when the explosion occurred. With the explosion, he threw himself out, saw Georg Mann, a seaman who he had known before and knew Turkish, running and followed him. Georg Mann jumped on a boat with Baha Bey beside him, took pictures of the burning station, bathed and gave them as a gift from these pictures. After the war, during the armistice days, when the Germans withdrew from Istanbul and the British and French soldiers arrived, Baha Bey saw Georg Mann in the brewery and said that he was a French agent named Georges Mann from the document Mann showed, and that they bombed Haydarpaşa. The reason for this is said to be the desire of France to sever Syria from the Ottoman Empire. Could it be, it could surely be ...
This sabotage is such a mystery that any logical scenario seems possible. Let us cite another claim that is not written about in our country, then. In some books and writings in the West, especially in England, it is said that the intelligence organization "Nili", which was formed by those trying to establish an independent Israeli state separate from the Ottoman Empire, was done. Some intelligence officers have even been named. The truth is, it is unknown.



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