Cycling Road from Hacıosman Metro Station to Belgrade Forest (Video)

Hacıosman Metro Station Bike Road to Belgrad Forest: Bike use in Istanbul is quite low compared to its population. It is difficult to travel between cars with your bike due to the problem of not counting the two-wheeled vehicles from the vehicle. The solution seems to be the bike path. The new project of Istanbul Municipality will encourage the use of bicycles for sports even if it is not for transportation.
Sarıyer Hacıosman'dan to the Bahceköy Forestry Faculty of the 6,5 a bike track will be built. Details on the subject are described in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bulletin as follows;
Starting from Sarıyer Hacıosman Metro Station, following the route of Büyükdere Bahçeköy Road-Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi- Valide Sultan Caddesi- Bahçeköy Forestry Faculty and continuing until the entrance to Belgrad Forest, a new Bike Path will be realized.
After the entry into the Belgrad Forest, cyclists who are still able to integrate with the existing Bicycle Path in the forest; If they wish, they will be able to use their bicycles or with the İSPARK bicycle rental system at the station to make the bike comfortable and comfortable on this route.
With the integrated Metro System, everyone who can reach Sarıyer / Hacıosman will be able to enjoy cycling in the Belgrade Forest. The Application Project is prepared by the Directorate of Transportation Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality - Directorate of Transport Coordination 6.5 km. The length of the bicycle path, following the improvement of the seasons conditions, is shown in Traffic Md. and Road and Maintenance Directorate.




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