Gümüşhane will be the second ski resort

Gümüşhane will reach the second ski center: Gümüşhane, which has made a name for itself in winter tourism with the Zigana Gümüşkayak Facilities on the Zigana Mountain with a altitude of 2 thousand 60 in Torul district, is getting ready to serve the ski center, which continues its work in the historical Süleymaniye Neighborhood, next winter season - Youth and Sports Manager Aslan: “Süleymaniye is not just about the ski area and the ski slope. We have the area where alternative 7-8 runways can form. We want to bring the Suleymaniye Winter Tourism Center to life in the next winter season ”

In addition to Zigana Gümüşkayak Facilities, which serve on Mount Zigana with an altitude of 2 m in the district of Torul, Gümüşhane is getting ready to have a second ski center close to the city center next season.

In his statement to the AA reporter, İsrafil Aslan, Director of Youth Services and Sports Province, said that the neighborhood was declared as the Winter Sports Tourism Center 5 years ago, explaining that the Süleymaniye District was the old settlement of Gümüşhane.

Stating that Süleymaniye Ski Center has the potential of 500 thousand square meters of ski area from 2 to 200 thousand 60 altitudes, Aslan said, “There is the capability of skiing in 3 different places simultaneously with a total of 5 kilometers of uninterrupted ski runs in 7 stations. . The area has a capacity of one thousand 500-2 thousand 500 people per hour of skiing and snowboarding. ”

Emphasizing that Süleymaniye Neighborhood was followed by the International Ski Federation 10 years ago, Aslan said, “We also sent the reports we created to the International Ski Federation. In the reports from the federation, it was stated that this area is suitable for international ski competitions ”.

Aslan, under the instructions of Gümüşhane Governor Yücel Yavuz, pointed out that the activities were accelerated in order to raise the Süleymaniye Winter Tourism Center for the next winter season, and that they have completed 30% of the infrastructure works so far.

Indicating that Süleymaniye is not only about the ski area and ski track, Aslan said, “We have the area where alternative 7-8 tracks can be formed. We want to implement the Suleymaniye Winter Tourism Center next winter season. ”

- “History and ski tourism will be together”

Stating that Süleymaniye Mahallesi is a home of civilization as well as winter tourism, Aslan noted that the region, which has a history of 5 thousand years, has an open air museum feature with its historical buildings.

Emphasizing that they want to bring both tourism and ski tourism to the service by combining both areas here, Aslan stated that the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are continuing the projects in this regard.

📩 24/11/2018 14:05