GTOdan Gaziantepe Logistics Center

Gaziantepe Logistics Center from GTO: GTO Chairman Bartık said, "We will make Gaziantep a logistics center that the whole world will take as an example." said.
Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GTO) Chairman Eyüp Bartık stated that they will build Gaziantep a logistics center that the world will take as an example.
In his written statement, Bartık stated that at the first parliamentary meeting of 2015, the establishment of a logistics center in Gaziantep was discussed, and within this scope, they examined the points where the logistics centers suitable for the city's structure were located.
Explaining that Gaziantep, which is the southernmost point of Europe and the gateway to the Middle East, has a geographical location that can reach 5 billion people within a 2-hour flight distance, Bartık said:
“We are very close to Mersin and Iskenderun ports. On the other hand, when the highways, which include tunnels such as Ovit Tunnel and Kop Tunnel planned in the east of our country, are completed, we will provide an important advantage in delivering our products to the Black Sea ports and Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus and Turkic Republics. Considering its geographical location and economic power, this center will undoubtedly add an important value to Gaziantep, the region and our country. "
Stating that the planned logistics center is also supported by the Metropolitan Municipality, Bartık said, “We recently went to Germany with the authorities from our chamber and the Metropolitan Municipality and made observations at the Bremen Logistics Center. We will make Gaziantep a logistics center that the whole world will take as an example. For this, we rolled up our sleeves, we aim to lay the foundation at the end of the year, ”he said.
Participating in the meeting, Mayor Fatma Sahin also informed the GTO administration and its assembly about the activities it carried out after it came to office. Falcon answered questions at the end of the program.

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