6 viaduct was built between Gebze and Bursa

6 viaduct was built between Gebze and Bursa: 12 units in Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa section and 2 pieces in Xypalx section in Kemalpaşa-İzmir-İzmir section were completed and 14 units viaducts in Gebze-Bursa were completed.
The most important part of the Orhangazi-Izmir highway project was completed by towers towering over the sea forming the bridge feet in İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge construction. 4 of the world. Tower height 254 meter of the large bridge. For the main cable that will carry the trolleys where the vehicles will pass, the two lugs are joined for the first time while starting the guide cable. When the installation of the main cable is completed, the 330 will consist of a thousand meters of thin wire. Following the completion of the main cable, the laying of the decks will begin next May. The bridge is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.
Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (Including Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Highway Project, which was tendered by the General Directorate of Highways with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, covers 384 kilometers, including 49 kilometers of motorways and 433 kilometers of connection roads. In the project, where 12 works in Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa section and 2 in Kemalpaşa Separation-İzmir section, a total of 14 reinforced concrete viaducts continue, 6 viaducts between Gebze-Bursa were completed. Work on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge construction, which is one of the most important pillars of this project, continues uninterruptedly. After manufacture land-sea sunk 38 thousand 404 tons in the production of bridge tower started to be manufactured from July 2014 on caisson foundations as steel Unlike similar bridges in tamamlandı.türkiye be manufactured in Gemlik brought to the construction site elevation of 254 meters, the bridge tower 88 steel made by welding the block to each other. It is stated that each of these pieces weigh between 350 tons and 170 tons.
After the completion of the bridge towers, work was started for laying the main cable between the two sides. The main cable for the main cable that will carry the grid is carried out with great care. The guide cable pulled by private tugboats is pulled under the sea before along the bridge line. After the guide cable reaches the opposite shore, the cranes on the 254 meter giant bridge towers will be lifted. Meanwhile, it was stated that the Gulf of Izmit will be closed to the traffic of the ship.
After the completion of the guide cable, the main cable will be moved between the two collars, which will carry the vehicles where the vehicles will cross. The main cable consists of a total of 330 thousand meters of thin wire. The main cable to be installed by a robot acting on the guide cable is expected to be completed in February. In May, 2015 will begin laying the first boards.
It is stated that the total span of the bridge, which is planned to be 2 meters in total, will be 682 meters and will be the fourth bridge with the largest middle span in the world. When the bridge is finished, it will serve as 1500 lanes, 3 departures and 3 arrivals. There will also be a service lane on the bridge. Currently, 6 people are working at the construction site, and the work continues 1350 hours a day. Once the Gulf Crossing bridge is completed, the bay will now be around 24 minutes, and the gulf crossing time, which is an hour by ferry, will decrease to an average of 70 minutes. The price of crossing the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which is realized with an investment of 6 billion dollars, will be 1.1 dollars plus VAT.

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