15 minutes between Istanbul and Yalova with the Gulf bridge

15 minutes between Istanbul-Yalova and the Gulf crossing bridge: Minister Lütfi Elvan gave the good news of the giant project, "Istanbul-Yalova will be 15 minutes".
In a flash statement made by Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan, he emphasized that they will walk on the Izmit Bay Bridge in June 2015 and said, “In June, we will have all the decks and we will be walking on the bay crossing bridge. The distance from Istanbul to Yalova takes roughly 1.5 hours or even 1 hour and 40 minutes. We reduce this to 15 minutes, ”he said. Minister Lütfi Elvan also stated in his statement that the third bridge road was rapidly built.
15 minutes between Istanbul and Yalova
Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan gave the good news that a third highway will be built, which will greatly ease Istanbul. The new highway, which will start from Sakarya Akyazı, will extend from the third bridge to Tekirdağ. Minister Elvan said, “Our citizen from Ankara will be able to connect to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and pass to Tekirdağ directly after Sakarya Akyazı. From here, he said that he could reach Balıkesir by highway ”and gave the first signals about the project.


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