Foreign tourists' interest in Erciyese is increasing

The interest of foreign tourists in Erciyes is increasing: In the 1,5 monthly time period, approximately 3 was visited by foreign tourists from countries such as Holland, Germany, France and Russia.

The number of foreign tourists coming to Turkey's Erciyes most important ski centers is increasing every year.

Erciyes General Manager Murat Cahid Cıngı, carried out by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center started to take the fruits of investments made within the scope, he said.

Erciyes'de solved the problem of infrastructure and 17 4 21 9 hotel star to make a tender for the location of the hotel reminded Cıngı, these hotels began construction of the XNUMX and expect that three of them will be put into service this season.

Erciyes now has a bed capacity of 600, more capacity to increase this capacity to invite people to the ski resort Cıngı stressed that they have become a center of great interest in the country.

Erciyes'de with the increase of hotel investments abroad to accelerate promotional activities, explaining that they participate in international fairs Cıngı, said:

. We bring the tour operators to Erciyes and tell them about the works and facilities. In the past year, although the number of foreign tourists in this month is around a thousand 3 thousand found this. Erciyes approximately 1,5 in a period of time 3 nearly a thousand foreign tourists from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia visited. 25 thousand tourists from different countries until the end of the season we aim to host, of course, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, even though there are a small number of countries such as tourists. We encounter many foreign tourists on the tracks by chance. They express that they are very pleased with Erciyes when we talk. This makes us happy and shows that we are doing the right things. Bu

Foreigners Volunteer Promotion Ambassador

Cıngı stated that foreign tourists coming to Erciyes last year brought others with them this year, ında Our main advertising is the quality of service we offer. If we can satisfy the people here, they come to us in the next year without doing anything, and they tell us about Erciyes in the countries they go to. Every visitor we welcome is our volunteer publicity ambassador Mem.

Erciyes'den 275 thousand domestic foreign tourists since the beginning of the season, until the end of the season 2 million visitors who emphasized the number of target Cıngı stressed, at least 25 thousand people in foreign tourists expect to reach.

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