Eurostar high-speed trains start again

Eurostar high-speed train services have resumed: The Channel tunnel, where Eurostar high-speed trains pass, is reopened. In the Channel tunnel, where the Eurostar high-speed trains connecting London, the capital of England, to Europe, it was reported that the service has returned to normal after the small fire that broke out yesterday.
In the statement made by Eurotunnel, it was stated that with the removal of the smoke caused by the fire in one of the two tunnels, the train and transportation service along the Channel Tunnel was restarted at 02.45 London time.
High-speed train company Eurostar also returned to normal today, while reminded that only one tunnel serves, 30-60 warning about delayed minutes.
Eurostar, today booked by the passengers can make the trip by specifying the cancellation of the last day because of the new reservations suggested that those who can not travel.
British police said yesterday that the Channel tunnel was covered with smoke due to a fire in a truck and that the tunnel was temporarily closed. The 26 Eurostar expedition was canceled yesterday when the tunnel was closed. 12 to 15 bin Eurostar passengers are expected to be affected by the suspension of the train services.
To avoid delays and congestion, Eurostar is expected to put an additional 800-seat train on the London-Paris line today.
With the activation of two separate oxygen alarms in the region of the Channel tunnel close to France yesterday at 11.25 local time, a technical team was sent to the tunnel for examination. It was determined that the smoke was caused by the fire in the truck going from England to France, tunnel services were suspended and ventilation works were initiated to remove the smoke. Nobody was harmed in the incident.
High speed train network Eurostar passes through the Channel tunnel connecting England and France from the sea. Launched in 1994, the Channel tunnel serves more than 20 million passengers a year.




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