Eurostar high-speed train stops

Eurostar high-speed train services stopped: It was announced that the train services were suspended due to the smoke detected in the Channel tunnel, where Eurostar high-speed trains, which connects England's capital London to Europe.
In the statement made on the official Twitter account of Eurostar company, “All our services have been suspended due to the Smoke detected in the Channel tunnel. Due to the closure of the tunnel, all flights are returning to their departure stations until a new instruction is given ”.
Eurostar noted that there will be no further voyages today, and that customers can access the updated information about the flights through the internet pages this evening.
Eurotunnel making statements to the British press sözcüJohn O'Keefe stated that the controllers sent to the tunnel for inspection after the activation of two separate alarms were still collecting information. No information was given about the source of the smoke.
Eurostar, the high-speed train network connecting London with other European cities such as Paris and Brussels, passes through the Channel tunnel that connects England and France by sea.



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