Interest in Erciyes Ski Center

Increased Interest in Erciyes Ski Center: The huge investments made to Erciyes, which has become one of the important winter tourism centers of our country, have started to give results. Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which shines with its important investments, displays a lively appearance with local and foreign tourists flocking to Erciyes.

Erciyes Mountain, one of the must-see places of the sportsmen in terms of winter sports and winter tourism in our city, offers unique entertainment and facilities in domestic and foreign tourists in the first week of January. Athletes, skiing, snowboart with adrenaline-filled moments, while visitors enjoy the ride with the cable car.

The ski center, where the snow thickness exceeds 80 centimeters, offers the opportunity to enjoy skiing, skiing, skiing, skiing and skiing. they invited yap.

The first time to come to Mount Erciyes Kahramanmaras Zeki Celik, ğ We liked Erciyes'i very much. We didn't think the weather was so beautiful. It was so nice for us when the weather was sunny. We're coming away. We do not have the opportunity to slip too much like the people of Kayseri. We liked this place very nice ”

The skiing student who came to our province for university education said, “We are skiing for the first time in Erciyes. I would highly recommend this place to everyone, Çok he said.

The skier from Kırıkkale also said, den It is very nice to ski in Erciyes. We were skiing in Uludağ when we came here. The runways are very beautiful. Bur

The residents of our province, bir we are here a week. The tracks of Erciyes are fine, but there are small stones. There are no problems on the runway, P he said.
Çok Erciyes's circuit is very good. Already from the intensity that Erciyes very nice. I want to advise new learners. They have to be brave to the first, ur he said.

The skier from Izmir said, sever I come to Erciyes for the first time. I liked it very much. Çok
Veysel Değirmenci, who is a ski instructor in Erciyes, also advises skiers for the first time through our news crew. It is a sport that everyone can do. At first skiers should choose the areas with the most flat floors. Skiing is very enjoyable and fun. Those who want to ski can come to Erciyes and are taught very easily two to three hours through teachers. According to Turkey and Erciyes ski world was more beautiful with the master plan, "he advised.

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