Erciyes Mountain Density Cheese and Sausage Vendors

Erciyes Mountain Density Pastrami and Sausage Sellers are pleased: Erciyes Ski Center, which has been prominent in recent years, is having a busy period. This density of urban economy, especially sausage and bacon sellers are pleased.

Mustafa Aldaş, who sold bacon and sausage in Kayseri, said that due to the skiers coming to Erciyes Mountain in winter, they are doing well. It is the season of the holidaymakers who came to ski in Erciyes Mountain in winter and in the summer. Erciyes has improved a lot and this situation has a good effect on our business. Our work is going well. We do not spend the winter season empty. The price of normal sausages is 38 TL. Our medium quality bacon starts from 25 TL and goes up to 55 TL. We didn't have much changing prices compared to last year. Prices are about the same as last year. In the summer period, we sell our weight to expatriate citizens. Local people and people coming to ski from outside the city during the winter shopping is doing, Kış he said.


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