Minister Elvandan Akşehire raybus gospel

Giving good news to the Minister of Transportation, Maritime and Communication Minister Lütfi Elvan, who attended the meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in Konya, gave the good news that the railroad services will start between Akşehir and Konya as it is between Konya and Karaman.
In his statement, Minister Elvan said, ehir We are going to launch railroad flights to the section up to Akşehir. We will give our first manufactured railroad train to Konya. Hopefully, we will provide transportation between Konya and Akşehir with a railroad. İn
Mayor of Akşehir Salih Akkaya thanked Akvan Elvan for his wish to have a good fortune and said iz I would like to express my gratitude to our Minister of Transport Mr. Lütfi Elvan for his split road and BSK activities in the district. They gave the good news that the railroad flights were planned between Akşehir and Konya and they were working on the supply of the railroad. Arasına He shared his feelings from the social media account.
Railway vehicle, also called rail bus. Diesel burns, single vagons and no locomotives, the machinist sits in the riding area in front of the passenger lounge. The difference between tram and metro vehicles, which are urban rail systems, is that the wagon is longer and much higher. It operated by TCDD between adjacent cities in Turkey.


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