Metrobus accident in Edirnekapı

Metrobus accident in Edirnekapı : An incredible metrobus accident took place in Mega Kent Istanbul. According to the information received, after the accident of the 2-meter bus at the Edirnekapı metrobus stop, everything turned into a bloodbath.
In this sad news of the day, after the two vehicles collided, the windshield of the vehicle in the rear was broken. 3 passenger is slightly injured in this vehicle.
The accident occurred in the waters of 12.00; Beylikdüzü-Zincirlikuyu metrobüs driver who made the expedition, Edirnekapı stop in front of a metrobus standing in front. As a result of the impact, the windshield of metrobus was shattered. 3 from the rear metrobus passengers were slightly injured. The first intervention by the incoming medical teams at the scene of the wounded, environmental hospitals were being treated.
In order not to interrupt the flights, both metrobuses were pulled into a safe area near the Halıcıoğlu stop. Metrobus security tasks wanted to prevent the press members to shoot. Security squad among the members of the press was experienced. Some citizens reacted to security officials because it blocked members of the press. Security officials who supported the press also walked on the citizens. Police launched an investigation into the accident. On the other hand, due to the accident, the teams made an intense effort and then many health vehicles were sent to the scene. But these are the developments for now.



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