World's fastest 5 train (Photo Gallery)

The fastest 5 train in the world: The trains that combine technology and speed, break the world records with their speed. Here, he is the fastest five trains.
The train journey is relatively safer and faster than the cars, causing us not to give up the train as human beings. Of course, we are witnessing the evolving trains along with the developing technologies, and now there are trains that reach very high speeds in the world.
In Turkey, even if we make progress with the name ıs High Speed ​​Train dünyadaki, we are more Ül fıs “compared to the trains in the world. If you want to travel with the fastest trains in the world, there must be places in Asia and Europe. Likewise, when we look at countries like France, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Spain and China, we can see that they have serious leaps in terms of high speed trains.
One of the most modern trains in Europe, AGV Italo is the first stop of the rare trains produced by the Astrom company. As the name suggests, the train between Naples - Rome - Firenze - Bolonga and Milan in Italy reaches an 380 km per hour.
The start of the AGV design was extended until 1998, while AGV Italo first launched its 2012 year. Moreover, AGV Italo is the most suitable train in Europe for safety, durability and technical conformity.



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