Denizli-Muğla highway road landslide

Denizli-Muğla highway landslide: Denizli landslide that connects to Muğla occurred in the landslide, tons of dirt road slipping, the road was closed to traffic for a while.
The incident occurred at noon near the junction of the Belen neighborhood of the Kale district of Denizli. Due to the road that connects Denizli to Muğla, there is a heavy traffic flow and landslides occurred due to snow and rain. Tons of soil flowing to the road at a time, the road was closed to traffic. Those who reported the situation reported to the highways teams. Highways teams came to the region where the landslide examinations, while the road was closed to traffic for a while. Then, road cleaning work was carried out on a single lane road. In the works supported by Kale Municipality, tons of soil transported to the road was loaded into trucks.
While security measures were taken on the way, a citizen said, “The soil softened with the rains. Then land registration. It came to the way, and now cleaning work is being done. "The road is given from a single lane."
After the 3 hours of cleaning the road was opened to traffic completely recorded.


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