Response to Closing the Rail Line with Fences

Reaction to the closure of the railway line around the railings: Germencik district of the district of Ortaklar district of the railway line that passes around the closure of the citizens reacted to the signing of the signature campaign with the municipality.
Germencik Mayor Ummet Akin, AA correspondent in a statement, Ataturk Street and Dr. He argued that the railroad line between Mahirbey Street was closed with railings a week ago and pedestrian crossings were blocked in a long corridor.
Akin voicing that the citizens are victims, said that the municipality as a signature campaign with citizens.
Akın noted that they will hand over the signatures to TCDD Izmir Regional Directorate for the removal of the iron bars.
- "There is neither lighting nor life safety in the underpass"
Citizens gathered around the railway reacted to the closure of the line around.
Halil İbrahim Sarıçam said, “I have been living here for many years. The train did not hit a cat, let alone a man. Where will we pass now? There is an underpass 50 meters away from here. It takes courage to pass through this underpass, especially at night. There is neither lighting nor life safety in the underpass. We want the line to be reopened, ”he said.
Selahattin Akpınar, on the other hand, stated that a neighborhood market was established in the neighborhood on Saturdays and said, “Hundreds of citizens were meeting their market needs by passing the line. There is a disabled person, an elderly person, a pregnant person. Where will these people pass now? We expect the trouble to be resolved, ”he said.

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