Dialogue meeting with NGOs from the railway's reconstruction commission

restructuring commission of Railways' from NGOs dialogue meeting: Turkey for the implementation of the Law on Liberalization of Railway Transport, Restructuring Committee formed to carry out the necessary preparatory activities within the scope of reconstruction work of our Entity, point to the process-related January 15, 2015 Thursday TCDD organized with NGOs held a dialogue meeting.
The meetings of the committees and associations were attended by the Executive Vice President Adem Kayış.
Regarding restructuring;
- Strategic Transformation of the Railway Sector,
- Restructured TCDD
- Establishment Process of TCDD Tasimacilik AS,
- Allocation Criteria of Immovables
- Vehicle Transfer and Personnel Transition Criteria,
- Network Notification-Allocation Fees
detailed presentation about the topics. In the presentation, which stated that the decision on the establishment of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.
Responding to the questions from the participants, the President of the Commission and Deputy Governor of TCDD, Adem Kayış, said that the personnel who served the Foundation will not be victimized in this process.
No need to worry about the staff, TCDD Transportation Inc. staff before the transition to the distribution of personnel underlining the beginning of the willing, Kayış, in case of over-willingness or excess, in the light of criteria to be determined in the light of the distribution will be stressed. Kayış said, kon A separate Commission was established to determine these criteria. When the Commission completes its work, it will be shared with NGOs. The final decision will be made after that. I want all of our staff to know; no one will change in this process. The title and fee will not fall. The modernization of our railways is important, as well as the satisfaction of our staff is important for us. Modern

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