68 million dollar loan from China for railway project in Tajikistan

$ 68 million loan from China for railway project in Tajikistan: China's Export and Import Bank will provide credit support for Tajikistan's important projects The loan agreements signed between China and Tajikistan were approved by the lower wing of the Tajikistan Assembly, Meclis-i Nameyondogan. The Bank of China will provide a low-interest loan of $ 68 million for the railway project in Tajikistan and $ 88 million for the Tajik Aluminum Factory, the country's most important industrial facility.
Camoliddin Nuraliyev, First Deputy Minister of Finance of Tajikistan, informed the deputies about the Dushanbe-Kurgantepe railway project. Stating that this project will significantly ease the transportation problem of the country, the Deputy Minister said that he will unite the central and southern regions of Tajikistan. 40,7 tunnels and 3 bridges will be built on the 11 kilometer long railway route. The total cost of the project is $ 72 million. 68 million dollars of this will be covered by Chinese loan.
Deputy Minister Nuraliyev noted that a new budget of 125 million dollars is needed for the new production facilities planned to be built within the Tajikistan Aluminum Factory, the country's largest industrial facility. Stating that they want to finance 88 million dollars of this as a result of the agreement signed with China's Export and Import Bank, Tajik official drew attention to the importance of the projects. Deputy Minister Nuraliyev stated that both loans will be paid with the revenues of the state administrations in question and will not pose any risk to the state budget.

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