Çayyolu Metro is down

Çayyolu subway has been broken: Melih Gökçek allegedly opened before the normal as a propaganda of the election protest, yesterday, it was reported that the subway services were stopped by making malfunction announcements. It was also announced that the fault was caused by a fire whose technical details were not transmitted.
Shortly before the local elections 14 March 2014 with the opening of the big fanfare Çayyolu subway, the result of the fire broke down and the flights were canceled. Due to a technical problem that the authorities have not explained yet, the fire was announced around Ankara at around 19.00.
The Çayyolu subway, which was subjected to many criticisms at the time of its opening, started to experience a malfunction in a short time and created a question mark in the heads. When we called the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality municipal services hotline 153, the problem was confirmed by the relevant officials, it was noted that the problem was tried to be solved by temporary ring trips that will leave the Supreme Court.
The question of the source of the problem and how long it will be left unanswered by the authorities.



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