Çankırı Scissors Factory Breaks Production Record in 2014

Çankırı Scissors Factory Breaks Production Record in 2014: Çankırı Scissor Factory Directorate, which started production in 1978 year in 1992 to manufacture scissors, spare parts and materials required by railway, realized the highest production in its history in 2014. Çankırı Scissor Factory Directorate started out with the slogan etti Everything Will Be Nice “and 270 produced simple scissors against scissors. In addition, 2014 year 266 pieces shears need to be dispatched and 4 pieces shears are kept in stock. The 14 tool set, 5 tool set, 8 tool lock set and 96 tool, as scissor spares, have completed the manufacturing of the transition rail.
Factory Manager Abdulvahap İNAN, who provided information on the subject, thanked all his colleagues who contributed to breaking the production record.

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