Çanakkale Yenicede Bridge Flooded (Photo Gallery)

Çanakkale Yenicede Bridge Was Flooded: The bridge that connects 6 villages to the district in Çanakkale, when the level of the dam water crosses the bridge due to the effective rains, the villagers provide transportation with a boat in their hands.
The bridge connecting Haydaroba and 6 villages around it to the district of Yenice in Çanakkale was completely flooded with the rise of the dam waters. Citizens have to either go around the reservoir or wait in line in front of the only boat in the village to go to the district.
In the Yenice-Gönen dam, the water level has increased due to recent rains. The rise of water turned the lives of Haydaroba peasants into a nightmare, even though it was a hope for the local farmer. The bridge connecting the village to the district was under the dam waters. Villagers who want to go to Yenice come to the bridge with their vehicles. Citizens who leave their vehicles here are waiting in line in front of the only boat where transportation is provided. When they reach the opposite shore, they find another vehicle and continue on their way. If the boat's engine doesn't work due to cold weather, the only solution is rowing.
Stating that the bridge that connects the village to the district experiences the same problem every year, citizens said, “A few days ago the water was lower. Although there were no vehicles, it could be passed by large tractors. However, the melting snow waters increased the water level. The bridge is completely submerged. "To reach the district, you have to go around other villages or use a boat".
Saying that they conveyed this problem to the authorities but could not get a result, Village Headman Halil Özkanlı said, “We are in a lot of trouble. It happens like this in the rain, there is a problem for 8 months. It takes 25 kilometers to reach Yenice. Or we pass by boat like this. This is also dangerous, ”he said. Özkanlı stated that they created an aid fund by their own means, but they also expect support from the authorities in this regard.
Ömür Korucu, who provides transportation by boat, said, “There is no proper boat. Engine does not start in cold. We are trying to run it with the spark plug in our hand. Sometimes there are urgent things. We are carrying them. There are people who call at 2 o'clock at 3 am. They are offended when we do not come. We have a job too, but we are uncomfortable. "

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