Chaining on the TEM Highway

TEM Motorway Chaining Accident: Snow cold icing trio brought accidents. On the TEM highway 15 made the car crash by entering the chain interlocking. The accident did not happen by chance.
The icing on the road occurred at the Gültepe Korutepe Tunnel location of the Izmit pass of the TEM highway. The TIR, which shear on the icy road, got out of control and hit the barriers and then the two walls of the tunnel. Two trucks in the same direction, an ambulance and 11 vehicles hit one after another. There was no loss of life while financial damage occurred in vehicles involved in the accident. While only the TIR driver who was involved in the accident was injured, police, firefighters and medical teams were sent to the scene. The wounded, who was transferred from Urfa to Istanbul with his TIR driver, was immediately taken to the hospital with an ambulance called.
Salting works were carried out by the highways teams in order to prevent lubrication and icing in the tunnel. Due to the accident, the Istanbul direction of the TEM highway was closed to traffic for about two hours. Traffic control was provided with the removal of the vehicles involved in the accident.
Harun Can Zeytinli, the owner of one of the vehicles involved in the accident, stated that the vehicles that wanted to stop as a result of an accident involving a truck in the tunnel could not stop due to lubrication and ice on the road and the police started an investigation.


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