Thousands of pounds of theft from Bursaray station

Thousands of lira theft from Bursaray station: The thieves, who were left at the stations where Bursaray traveled and left at the points where the security cameras were not seen, and smashed the vending machines where drinks and crackers were sold, took about 10 thousand liras and escaped.
Devices that were left at Demirtaş, Ataevler and Altınşehir metro stations within the borders of Central Osmangazi and Nilüfer District and called 'kolamatik', where coins and crackers were sold, were robbed by thieves or thieves whose identities could not be determined last night. The thieves, who broke the devices in places that the security cameras could not see, with a crowbar and took the money inside, disappeared.
The incident was noticed by the officials who were cleaning at the station in the morning. As a result of the news reported to the police station, the fingerprints of the identity of suspects is investigating.
Cops, similar incidents of theft have been seen before, about 10 thousand pounds from the devices so far said



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