Landslide on the Bursa-Uludağ highway

Landslide on the Bursa-Uludağ highway: While the snowfall that was effective yesterday in Bursa lost its effect today, a landslide occurred on the Uludağ road in the morning. The highway, which was closed after the work of the municipal teams, was reopened to vehicle traffic.
The snowfall that started yesterday in Bursa and caused the closure of the highway that connects the city to Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, negatively affected life. A total of 151 village roads in Bursa's İnegöl, Yenişehir, Mustafakemalpaşa and Keles districts were closed to transportation. In order to open these roads, 120 separate teams, consisting of 40 people of the Metropolitan Municipality, are working.
In the meantime, snow depth reached 320 centimeters in the ski resort Uludağ. Uludağ road, where the lowest air temperature was measured as 2 degrees below zero, was closed today due to landslides. After the landslide on the 5th kilometer of the Bursa-Uludağ highway, the teams opened the highway for transportation in a short time.



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