Bursa Terminal-Kent Square Tram Line works begin

On the way to Yalova tramway works: Uludağ'da all the powers should be given to the Metropolitan Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Kadıyayla said that they will make giant facilities and Sarıalan'a. Expressing that the final approvals of Yunuseli Airport were made and the tramway works will start on Yalova Road, Altepe said that Et-Balık will be closed and the land will be turned into a center of attraction by urban transformation.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality made the first meeting of 2015. Speaking at the meeting, the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, with the closure of the Special Provincial Administration 200 of employees working in schools related to the dismissal of employees, kapatıl salaries of employees working in schools were covered by the Special Provincial Administration. They cannot be operated without state support. But this year, the ministry in the budget allocated to the budget 250 allocated. 200 people are exposed. When we didn't take care of this, we got rid of it. We took the salary of the exposed 200 as a metropolis. Good luck. Hayır
Underlining that all powers in Uludağ and Bursa should be given to the Metropolitan, Altepe said, “It is not easy to enter the National Park. We go step by step. Since this is a tourism area, we send machinery when it snows in winter, but foresters do not take it out. The Hotels Zone needs to be a tourist zone. We want to invest here. Bursa 100 times what we invested kazanwill ache. It caused more foreigners to stay. We want all authorities to be given to us in Uludağ. If a factory is to be punished, we will punish it, we will close it. Let us do the treatment, let us collect the costs. The ministry of air pollution says to work on them. We want all the powers to be given to us. We are ready to take any risk in this regard. We are ready for any task. "Our goal is to get all the officials," he said.
Altepe, who emphasized that 80 is the foreigner in the winter months, said, inin So the Bursali are not using foreigners. This summer the winter continues in the same way. There are no social facilities day trips. Now his construction starts. Construction continues in Hotels Region. Additional buildings in the station work on thousands of square meters. Sports grounds, social facilities, more facilities in Sarıalan. The cable car company in Sarıalan is also a ropeway. There's construction going on. Kadıyayla line will be made by Büyükşehir. The facility will have big facilities both in Kadıyayla and Sarıalan next summer. The cable car with this form will provide a significant added value. With these facilities, Uludağ will be working in summer. Bu
Altepe informs the members of the Council about the work on the Yunuseli Airport and the tram, konusunda Yunuseli Airport initiated work on. Final approvals, construction will begin. Özdilek will build the tower. We're gonna do the floor buildings. Constructions begin in a few days.
Our tram line starts on Yalova Road. We're buying 12 wagons for him. 23 has a tender in February. We will quickly realize our services. Hızlı
Altepe answered the questions of the members of the parliament about the traffic problem in Bursa and said: yanıt The problem is not solved, the roads are insufficient. Traffic problem is solved by using public transportation not by road. Everybody don't want a bus to their own street. 3 50 is the only place in Bursa that breaks building 36 per month. No such expropriation. We have nationalized the building of XNUMX to open the year in Mollaferani Mol.

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