Bursa-Ankara highway is closed to the unlicensed vehicle passage

Bursa-Ankara highway was closed to unchained vehicle crossing: Due to snowfall and icing on the Bursa-Ankara highway, unchained vehicles and trucks are not allowed to pass.
Due to heavy winter conditions and heavy snowfall, there were occasional disturbances in highway transportation in Bursa-Ankara highway Mezitler region.
Regional Traffic Supervision Department Directorate and Highways Regional Directorate teams continue their activities without interruption.
Regional Traffic Inspection Branch Office teams do not allow the passage of vehicles with non-chain vehicles and heavy tonnage and towing vehicles in terms of traffic safety.
Highways, in the Inegol Mezitler region, has done snow-plowing activities on time. As a result of feverish studies, Mezitler region remained open while Bozüyük location of Bursa-Ankara road was closed. Regional Traffic Control Station teams and İnegöl Traffic Registry Office teams have warned the drivers of vehicles who want to go from Ankara to Bursa and from Ankara to Bursa.
Bozüyük location was opened to traffic with the timely intervention of highways teams.


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