These roads are closed for transportation

These roads are closed to transportation: Many roads are closed to transportation due to snow under the influence of most of the country. Here are those roads that are closed to transportation…
The road was closed due to the landslide caused by heavy snowfall on the road between Bayındır, Izmir's Bayındır and Turgutlu districts of Manisa.
A landslide occurred after the heavy snowfall on the road connecting the Kabaçınar Quarter of Turgutlu and the Kızılkeçili Quarter on the border of Turındırlu with the province of Bayındırlu.
As a result of landslides, the road was closed to transportation.
Approximately 400 digit Kızılkeçili and Alankıyı neighborhoods and transported system in the Nimazi Üzmez Elementary School continue education in the 80 students, because of the closure of the road to the landslide point, we came with the vehicles from neighboring villages to the landslide point.
Kabaçınar Neighborhood Headman Üzeyir Ergül, said in a statement, due to the landslide closes the two districts, said that they expect the road to be opened to traffic as soon as possible.
Governor of Turgutlu Nazmi Günlü said that they are waiting for the decision of İzmir and Manisa Metropolitan Municipalities for the construction of the road.
Governor Günlü, said:
“In the education and training that started today after the New Year holiday, 80 students brought to Dağmarmara Niyazi Üzmez Primary School came to their education today with a transfer system, but we do not approve of this. We will allow students to return to the decision of the Municipalities, under the supervision of our Gendarmerie teams. We are in contact with the Bayındır District Governorate so that 80 students do not fall behind their school. If the road takes a long time to build, we can temporarily direct a school in Bayındır district. If the road will be opened to transportation in a short time, we will have a school holiday for the students during this period. ”
Afyonkarahisar-Izmir highway closed to transportation due to heavy snowfall.
The snowfall that started in Afyonkarahisar in the evening and continued increasingly, caused disruptions in transportation.
Transportation stopped due to accidents after snowfall on the highway connecting Afyonkarahisar to Antalya and Izmir.
Teams, Izmir ramp position and the route continues to work to open the road to traffic again.
The remaining drivers are waiting for the completion of the work.
District of Aydın's Bozdoğan, Bozdoğan-Yatağan Highway was closed to transportation due to snowfall in the evening. Dogan hill in the region due to heavy snowfall in two separate cars learned that the person stranded on the road 7, 50 centimeter of the thickness of the snow approached the gendarmerie and Aydin Highways directorate teams.
Heavy snowfall in Bozdoğan started in the evening affected the life negatively. Bozdogan-Yatagan Highway closed to transportation due to snow. 5 person stranded in the car on the road in the region working in the marble factory workers learned, while the other two people in the car Nazilli AK Party Executive Board Member Av. Berna Özen and his wife Orçun Özen banker said. Teams shipped to the region reached two stranded cars and 7 person's health status is said to be good.
Eşme-Denizli highway closed down due to heavy snowfall, Uşak-Ankara highway is experiencing disruption
Due to heavy snowfall in and around Uşak Eşme-Denizli highway was closed to transportation, Uşak-Ankara highway is experiencing disruption.
Uşak Governor Seddar Yavuz stated to journalists that transportation disruptions occurred in Uşak due to heavy snowfall in the evening.
Yavuz particularly noted that there was difficulty in the Dumlupınar location of the Usak-Ankara highway, said the passage of large vehicles from this region is not allowed.
Yavuz, snowfall will continue until noon tomorrow, drivers should not leave the chain, he said.
The teams continue to work on all kinds of highways, in addition to the two-track ambulance of the Provincial Health Directorate ready to stand against all kinds of negativity recorded Yavuz, said:
“Uşak-Ankara highway closes to traffic from time to time in Dumlupınar location. The teams are trying to open the road in a controlled way. Eşme-Denizli highway was closed to traffic. Large vehicles are kept in Banaz on the Uşak-Ankara highway. For this reason, a vehicle queue was formed in the district. I ordered the Banaz district governor, restaurants and food outlets in the district will be open until morning. ”
Yavuz, recalling that schools throughout the province were vacationing tomorrow, the holiday may be extended if deemed necessary, he said.
Yavuz stated that the air temperature is expected to drop down to minus 10 degrees, especially in high places where severe frost is expected, adding that they are ready for all kinds of negativity.
600 villages cannot be reached in Bitlis, Van, Muş and Hakkari due to the effective snowfall in the Eastern Anatolia Region.
Due to the effective snowfall in the region, 217 roads in Van, 130 in Muş, 250 in Bitlis and 3 in Hakkari have been closed to transportation.
The snowfall that started in the evening of Van yesterday and continued until the morning hours in Van affected life negatively.
217 can not be reached due to snow and type of village in the city, the snow-fighting teams connected to the Van Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the road.
In the 2225-altitude Kurubaş Pass on the Van-Hakkari highway, where vehicle traffic is intense, drivers had difficulty advancing due to snowfall. Many drivers were found to wear chains on their vehicles to avoid any problems.
Highways 11th Regional Directorate teams started to work with snow machines at Güzeldere Pass, at an altitude of 2730. The teams also salted on the road against icing that may occur.


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