Speed ​​Limit Increase on Split Roads

Increasing the Speed ​​Limit on Divided Roads: It was reported by the Eskişehir Provincial Police Department that a correspondence was made with Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality on the issue of increasing the speed on divided roads under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways and divided roads under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality.
According to the statement made by the Provincial Security Directorate on the correspondence, the UKOME decision of the 2014 from May to the present in the period since the speed of the violations on the environment and speed violations detection systems and traffic fines written by the citizens with negative reactions to the response of the applications shown in other environmental provinces by showing the speed increase in the number of requests received attention was taken.
Eskişehir 1 for speed fines. The court stated that the objections made to the Criminal Court of Peace were evaluated by the court. the decision of the Council of Ministers on increasing the speed limits published in the official newspaper on 50. With the arrangements made on the ring road, pedestrian crossings are supported with overpasses, the intersections are removed and the flow of traffic is brought to a state of uninterrupted flow with the spleens. By setting the speed limits on the motorway almost to the extent that the drivers cover and punish more than the 70, it is also unfair to the traffickers to impose such harassment. In the observation made by the magistrate of the Criminal Court of Peace itself on the ring road, the driver of an 19.02.2014 kilometer was disrupting the flowing traffic, and the speed increase was encountered with the intense response of other drivers due to the decrease in the speed; justified by the justifications, the penalties have been canceled and these decisions constitute a precedent for other objections. gerek
UM In addition to the pedestrian overpasses on the existing 200 separate points on the D-8 Highway which is passing by our General Directorate of Highways, new pedestrian overpasses have been constructed at 3 separate points and wire mesh has been made to the middle median intervals of the crossings where pedestrians are located. The following statements were also recorded:
UM By taking into account the regulations, the demands of the drivers, the court decisions and the new regulations on the highways, the regulations of the Highways Traffic Regulation 100. In accordance with the article of the General Directorate of the General Directorate of Highways and highways and divided roads in the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality on the increase of the speed of the split roads by reviewing your relevant units, 21.01.2015 will be held on Wednesday to discuss the UKOME Board meeting, the speed increase, "Our city will give positive results in terms of traffic layout" is evaluated. . "


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