President Nuhoğlu is determined to protect Haydarpaşa and its surroundings

Mayor Nuhoğlu is determined to protect Haydarpaşa and its surroundings: Mayor of Kadıköy Municipality Aykurt Nuhoğlu who does not give license to the renovation project of Haydarpaşa Train Station on the grounds that additions have been made to the historical building, said G 1000 in Istanbul has been protecting Haydarpaşa and its environs since the Roman Empire reigning years ago. CHP as our historical responsibility, sorum he says.
U Are you going to be able to protect?, He answers, “Don't sign for death, I do not sign“.
Nuhoğlu, who came together with a group of writers in the Kalkhedon Moda Social Facility of Kadıköy Municipality; Some of the objections of the State Railways Company (TCDD) and some of them are related to the building of the railway station and its surroundings on the 200 acres of the Privatization Administration:
“We are not against the renewal of the historic building by staying true to its original. However, in the plan that TCDD sent us, there are additions. There was an elevator outside the building. Although it is stated that the service building is going to be built into the commercial use by adding cafeteria structures and canopies. Bin
Istanbul Cultural Heritage Protection 5 Regional Council Directorate of the appeal of the municipality, 1 a day response is coming. Of course the negative Tabii
Nuhoğlu said, Kurulu The file which the Regional Council rejected with the speed of jet has been waiting for 1 for a month in the High Council for the Conservation of Nature and Cultural Heritage. They may be hesitant to announce a decision that will draw the reaction of the public when the elections are approaching. Seçim
Nuhoğlu, against the resistance of the municipality, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization reminded me of the possibility of licensing this project, "We give to the court, we convince the public in the process of litigation," gives the money.
The geri Haydarpaşa Solidarity inin platform established by the city activists has been taking actions for the last 2 years to return to the functions of the harbor and railway stations.
Nuhoğlu also has a message for them: N They should not focus on the station building. Haydarpasa Port and its surroundings are very important. This project must be protected in its entirety. The Ministry of Finance is targeting 5 billion dollars in the privatization of Haydarpasa Port. Within the scope of the project, 2.5 million square meters of indoor space was planned to be produced. 2012 in 5 has passed the plans of the millennium, did not come up in the millennium plans. Because the cases filed by professional chambers continue. Çünkü
The Haydarpaşa project is located within the boundaries of two different municipalities.
The total area of ​​the 1 million square meters, which extends from the Tepe Nautilus shopping center to the coast of Selimiye Barracks, is located in Üsküdar (AK Party), and some is in the jurisdiction of Kadıköy Municipality.
For this reason, there is no structure in Haydarpaşa and a single initiative other than Haydarpaşa Solidarity.
At the end of the day, the decision on the future of Haydarpaşa seems to be lawful.
The only sentence Nuhoğlu says about Haydarpaşa is very important:
Kurulu We were in the Regional Council as a supervisor. Our friends at that time TCDD's gar project looked hot. It should be well known; 500 thousand people today, the project will come to the 800 thousand will reach to Kadikoy, there will be no land to produce services to the city. No other indoor pool than Caferağa. 65 over 50 thousand people live here. We do not have the areas to live the urban life for the elderly, children, women and artists. I trust the pilgrims; They will protect Haydarpaşa. Hayd
TCDD said in a statement on the subject of the project of the railway station add-ons and the local government has to comply with the decision of the Supreme Protection Board said.
I wish that those who played pencil on the history of Haydarpaşa will be inspired by European practice, which brings their industrial structures to the city for social and cultural purposes.

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