Take the Balpınar Bridge

📩 24/12/2018 16:48

Take the Balpınar Bridge: The bridge at the entrance of Balpınar, the nearest town to the city center, is the problem. Municipal Co-Chairperson Nejdet Sarıgöl, 3 months before the warn of the highways of the bridge was filled with water, he said.
The bridge at the entrance of Balpınar (Gresira) at the Batman-Diyarbakır road route through the South-Raman ring road does not pass through the rain water in winter. Nejdet Sarıgöl, the mayor of the municipality, said that the bridges under the 1.5 meters were not going to pass through the rain water. Ik We drew attention to the issue of the bridge at the Provincial Coordination Board meeting about four months ago. Highways officials said they would solve the problem. But it was feared. Water began to accumulate under the bridge with rain water. It was a big problem to go under the bridge in rainy weather. Yağ
Sarıgöl, who stated that the road construction company and the highways in the Balpınar town, whose population is based on 3 thousand, did not realize the project for the evacuation of the rain water accumulated under the bridge, continued as follows; Yağ 15 The day before it rained. Highways teams, which fill the bridge gold with stablized material, now do no work for the drain water channel. Highways teams should already make the channel for water. Such studies in the coming months will not allow farmers in the locality. We invite the Highways teams to win the promise of a troubled bridge to the entrance of our town. Eld

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