We could not identify a breaking point on the Baghdad-Berlin line

We Didn't Determine a Breaking Point on the Baghdad-Berlin Line: The history of the Belemedik village, where the Baghdad-Hicaz Railway, which was started by the Germans in 1898, passes, is described in the book prepared by the authors Teyfik Kısacık and Ahmet Nadir İşisağ.
Teyfik Kısacık, a former German Honorary Consul and founder of the Belemedik Beautification and Survival Association, made a statement to the AA reporter about the book he prepared with İşisağ on the book titled “Breakpoint on the Baghdad-Berlin Line.
Describing the fact that many Turkish workers were working on the railway built by the Germans in Belemedik about a century ago, Kısacık drew attention to the scarcity of works related to this place.
Kısacık stated that it took a long time for them to prepare the book and that they created a work about 7 a year.
They have reached important information in their research transfers Kisacik, said:
“When the Baghdad Railways Project was put into practice, Belemedik, which did not even exist, was determined as the most appropriate but also the most difficult point that the railway will pass through the Taurus in its feasibility studies. The biggest construction site was installed here. Russians, Anzacs, French, Greeks, Greeks, Jews, Australians, Swedes, Germans and Turks worked in Belemedik. Some are volunteers, some are forced prisoners, others are to earn money and live comfortably. Belemedik is the most important transition point of the Baghdad Railways Project. ”
Kısacık explained that the prisoners of war were employed in Belemedik and continued as follows:
“Anzacs are of special importance for Belemedik. Because on April 25, 1915, the Ottoman Navy hit the submarine AE2 and captured 20 British and 4 Anzac crew. The commanders and staff of the AE25 submarine, who was taken prisoner on April 1915, 2, were brought to Istanbul on the same day, then to Afyon and then to Belemedik. Since some of the prisoners are technicians, they are employed in the railway construction here. After the war is over, the British take their dead soldiers and take them to the British cemetery in Baghdad. 4 of the 1 captive Anzac soldiers is killed in the accident. Anzacs return to their hometowns, leaving their 2 friends who died in Belemedik. Some people who learned this information in Australia have contacted us and we have toured Belemedik. The detailed story of this subject is also included in the book. ”
Kısacık added that they wanted to exhibit the source work they prepared with İşisağ in Germany in the future.



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