Aydın-Denizli railway will not be underground in city centers

Aydın-Denizli railway will not be located underground in city centers: TCDD 3. Regional Directorate of a study is not specified. TCDD 3 stated that this study is technically possible but not found in the project. Regional Director Murat Copper, the city will not be divided in two, lower and overpasses will be provided transportation, he said.
Stating that all the districts where the rail transport passes through the city center have their wishes for the transportation to be made underground, Bakır said, eler Our way is an electric signal. So when needed, when fully finished, 160 km. there will be a line that can be reached quickly. That's why we don't want a level crossing or a barrier here. We don't want passages in order to keep the speed down and not reduce comfort. That is why we do not need to completely separate people, but what we need to do in a technical sense to combine them. The existing level crossings will be reduced, and the closures will be closed. When it's closed, people won't be torn apart. What is needed there, should be an overpass, underpass or need to be done, whatever they need to do. Orsa
Aydin Efeler Municipality, railway underground is the request to go through, but it's current project is not feasible, indicating that the Regional Director of Copper, "It's not just Efeler Municipality wants all municipalities that line now, but there is a reality as we TCDD in Turkey We established the first line in this region. Suggestions for the underground of this line are technically possible, but we do not have any work in the projects that we are currently conducting to go underground, neither in Efeler nor elsewhere. We got this to them. ” made the explanation.
Efeler City Council President Tuncay Erdemir said, "We do not want a wall of shame in the middle of the city." He launched a signature campaign, and brought the railway line underground to the agenda. Efut Municipality Mayor Mesut Özakcan also supported the campaign. It was stated that if the railway is underground, there will be an additional cost of 600 million liras for the current project.

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