Completing Aydın-Çine-Güllük Railway

Aydın-Çine-Güllük Railway Completed: Çine Adnan Menderes Dam by making the 141 an annual dream, the AK Party government, pushed the button to complete another very important project. Aydın-Çine-Güllük railway was completed.
Aydın and Muğla's Milas district of China to meet the 95 percent of the mineral feldspar produced in Turkey, thanks to the button is pressed for the completion of the railway project is preparing to obtain export advantage. Transport Minister Lütfü Elvan and the State Railways General Directorate as a result of the negotiations with the important distance they have received Ak Parti Aydin deputy Ali Gultekin Kilinc, Aydin-Cine-Gulluk Rail to meet a significant need, he said.
Kılınç stated that it is of great importance to connect the district to the railway network in order to reduce the cost and export superiority by transporting the feldspar mines, which are produced in the district of Çine in economic way, in economic way. The railway, which is expected to be a total of 2008 Km, is of vital importance for both Çine and neighboring Milas. The project, which is prepared with double lines, electrical and signalization, will provide export superiority to both districts Çift.
Ali Gültekin Kılınç, who stated that the completion of the railway which is determined as the project speed of 120 kilometers will bring an important economic revival in the region, stated that the route plan profiles of the Selçuk-Aydın-Denizli Railway have been completed, and the construction of art structures and other projects have been made.
It is a raw material used in glass, ceramic and paint industry. feldspar reserves in Turkey is as 10 percent of world reserves. Important beds are located in Demirci (Manisa), Simav (Kütahya), Çine (Aydın) and Milas (Muğla). 90 percent of feldspar production is exported to Turkey.



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