Prevent concrete like crumb on asphalt

Measures such as concrete to collapse on asphalt: Following the excavations carried out in many points of Ankara, the Metropolitan Municipality Council took an important step in order to take measures against collapses and damages on asphalt or pavements due to not doing enough work.
According to the Presidential Letter, which has been unanimously approved by the Assembly, private and legal persons will make a concrete filling of at least 10 centimeters in order to prevent the collapse of the asphalt or pavement areas after the excavations. The application will start at 1 April 2015.
In the Presidential Letter, which was presented to the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, the following statements were given:
Ğ In the infrastructure works performed by private and legal persons engaged in excavation works, after the work has been done in accordance with the legislation, at least 10 cm thickness concrete pouring in order to prevent the collapse of the floors covered so as to prevent the asphalt and pavement covering on the ground made after the completion of the work on the infrastructure works. In order not to cause any accidents, the license holder will inform the relevant municipality's units that will restore the grounds to the implementation of 1 April 2015 .. herhangi



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