Asphalt persecution continued on the cashier

Asphalt persecution continued in the cashier: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality cuts the owners of the asphalt from the owners of the asphalt. The persecution of the asphalt tax persists. Citizens who wanted to pay the tax sent to them were forced to wait in the queue for hours. Regardless of the cold weather to take advantage of the discount period of 25 percent of citizens waiting in the queue, "both half of our salary and they are persecuting us," he reacted.
Municipalities, 400 and 4 thousand 500 pounds for asphalt tax began to send notifications to the hosts. Citizens who want to benefit from the 25 discount on the early payment, flocked to the payment centers. Long queues occurred in front of payment centers. Citizens, a small number of staff on duty, said that the crowd even more.
Citizens waiting for hours to pay for the contribution of asphalt sent to their homes were outraged. Arif Saraç 78 and 73-year-old Ahmet Ulaş, who were waiting in line, said, ındaki They keep us waiting for hours without looking at our age. Sırada 69-year-old Hasan Gungor 1 25 a month after the notice of the reduction of the 200 reduction is very important for him, he said. Güngör said, alık We receive a thousand 550 pounds. The tax that the municipality sent is XNUMX. Standing in the snow in this snow is difficult but we will come to discount, "he said.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Road and Asphalt Branch Directorate, asphalt participation fees are not paid to the deed to the deed said.




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