Landslide on the Artvin-Erzurum Highway

Landslide on the Artvin-Erzurum Highway: Artvin-Erzurum highway, the second kilometer of the road due to the fall of rock fragments shut down, approximately 5 hours of work as a result of the road partially opened to traffic.
Artvin-Erzurum road on the slope of the second kilometer of rock fragments falling, the road was closed to traffic in two ways. Gendarmerie teams, took measures in the region against the danger of landslides. Highways and State Hydraulic Works teams shipped to the region, work machines and rock fragments in the area of ​​approximately 600 meters began to open the road. Approximately 5 hours off the road teams, teams, continued to work to remove pieces of rock. The road was opened unilaterally after the studies.
On the other hand, the gendarmerie teams, emergency work and transition from Basic Education to Secondary Education (TEOG) to reach the students in the area where the rock pieces fall in a controlled manner as a pedestrian, transported the other side. These people were then taken to the city center by vehicles.


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