It is no longer Friday, Menderes

Menderes is no longer Cumaovası: Upon the request of Menderes Municipality, TCDD removed the name "Cumaovası", which is the last station of the Aliağa-Menderes Line. Instead of the old name of the district, the name of the station will now be "Menderes". While the works carried out for the extension of the Aliağa-Menderes Rail System Project to Torbalı, Selçuk and Bergama were continuing, a request for a name change was received from the Menderes Municipality. Menderes Mayor Bülent Soylu asked that the last station, "Cumaovası", be removed and Menderes be built. Soylu's request, who conveyed the situation to TCDD with an official letter, was accepted. TCDD approved the name change. Accordingly, after the decision, which will be approved by the IZBAN Board of Directors in a short time, comes into force, the Cumaovası direction signs at all stations will be changed. In addition, the promotions in the announcement system on the trains will be renewed. Bülent Soylu said that the correction of the situation that caused the confusion made them happy.




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