Brush from Arınç to Bursa Cable Car Company

Brush from Arınç to Bursa Cable Car Company: Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç reacted to the high tariff applied to foreigners in the ropeway in his speech at the AK Party provincial congress. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has accomplished a very big project, our president Recep Altepe has built the ropeway project with the build-operate-transfer model. 26 million Euro project. Now it has reached the hotels area.
Thousands of people are moving. There is a complaint. It is ugly and unbecoming to apply separate prices to local and foreigners in the cable car. There should be one price. This company should not increase prices. God willing, our president will pull his ears, remind them. This is a company. We have to respect him too. If a Kuwaiti citizen is 50, it does not mean pay 20 lira if they are from Bursa. Shame on our friends. It makes the average 30, there is no separation. It should have an account, a book, a contract, ”he argued that there should be a single price tariff.



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