Black box comes to vehicles

Black boxes are coming to vehicles: Lütfi Elvan said that the studies on Highway Intelligent Transportation Systems are continuing.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said that studies on Highways Intelligent Transportation Systems are continuing. Stating that they have prepared a strategic action plan that will continue until 2016, Elvan stated that the system will provide great convenience to drivers and citizens.
Elvan, thanks to the system of vehicles in the black box future, established highways management centers and roads and traffic lights will be managed by the intelligent system, he said.
Elvan opened the Dinar-Dazkırı, Sandıklı, Keçiborlu and Afyonkarahisar-Kütahya divided roads with a ceremony held at the Özdilek junction in Afyonkarahisar. Elvan answered journalists' questions after the opening. Stating that they have established a traffic management center under the General Directorate of Highways within the framework of the action plan for Intelligent Transportation Systems, Elvan said that they have completed 5 centers so far, and that they will reach 17.
Stating that these traffic management centers will directly increase the developments and information on the highways to the citizens, Elvan said, “The condition of the road is there any accident on the road, is there any blockage on the road, they will convey information about them. On the other hand, we make our roads smart, we will equip all our roads with fiber cables from top to bottom, and in case of any problems on highways with smart transportation systems, these will be transferred directly to the center and necessary warnings will be made to our drivers in our centers. Intelligent transportation system in Turkey do not have a training program in 4 years. Our talks with YÖK regarding this issue continue. We are planning to open sections in the Intelligent Transportation System. " said.
"Traffic lights will be smart"
Minister Elvan explained that, with the development of technology, they think that smart transportation systems are an important field of engineering and that qualified and qualified personnel should be trained in this field. Elvan said, “We continue to work on this issue. Another issue regarding another smart transportation system is especially for our cities. There are many traffic lights in our cities, we develop systems that make these traffic lights smart. For example, from time to time, the traffic density decreases and increases significantly. Therefore, studies are currently underway on models that make red yellow green light systems even smarter. Again, we are planning to introduce a single payment system for our cities. As a pilot base, we will carry out this study in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We started to work on this, for example, when a citizen who has a metro card in Ankara goes to Konya or goes to Eskişehir, we provide the opportunity to use the same card. Therefore, we want to spread this to all provinces with the netting system. " he spoke.
Elvan stated that another study for Intelligent Transportation Systems is for vehicles and that they will provide the possibility of transferring the speed, coordinates, where they are located and their information to traffic management centers in case of an accident.

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