Antalya-Mersin Highway will launch an influx of foreign tourists to Anamur

Antalya-Mersin Highway will start an influx of foreign tourists to Anamur: Anamur, the favorite of domestic tourism, accelerates its tourism kazanHe placed hope on the Antalya-Mersin Highway in order to Sector representatives think that with the opening of the road, an influx of foreign tourists will begin to Anamur.
Mersin Tourism Operators Association (MERTİD) President Hamit Izol, Antalya Mersin to be completed on the road works, the construction of tunnel construction hopes Mersinli tourism. Following the completion of this road, the Anamur, Bozyazı and Aydıncık districts, indicating that tourism will develop significantly Izol, iz These districts will be able to use the charter service Gazipaşa Airport. Mobility in tourism will also increase with the relief of transportation. Ulaşım
In the current situation, Anamur and its environs have pointed out that it addresses domestic tourism. I believe it will attract foreign tourists when the road works are completed. Numerous national and international brands are waiting for this road to be completed. There are places in Anamur where tourism is declared. When the road is made, the lucky tourist region of Mersin will be Anamur and its surroundings. Tourists start the current, facilities are made in dollars and new facilities, Turist he said.
Mersin tourism in general 2014'u spent well in the sense of expressing Isol, da We started the year well. Hotels 80-90 percent of the hotel, 70 occupancy of the city hotels worked. However, after the ISIS attacks, we lost the Iraqi tourists after Syria. Syrian tourists were interrupted before the Syrian civil war. With the closure of Syria, we lost our guests from Lebanon and Jordan. Because there is no direct flight from Lebanon and Jordan to Adana and they use the highway and reach Syria via Syria den. Izol, to close the gap to European tourists, although the International Çukurova Regional Airport is incomplete to bring tourists from those regions, he said.
All NGOs in the city are following the airport investment. Stating that they are trying to attract Middle Eastern tourists to Mersin again, Izol said, “For this, we will continue to participate in tourism fairs in Erbil. We will attend the fair, which we attended for the first time, this year as well. Direct flights between Erbil and Adana have been cancelled. We are in contact with the resumption of these expeditions," he said. Noting that tourism has started to develop to a large extent in the city, Izol said, “The construction of 5-6 city hotels continues. Some of them are in the project stage. There are also companies that are looking for land to invest. The vitality of all these hotels kazanAirport investment is of great importance for All NGOs in the city follow the airport investment. The government is also determined in this work,” he said.
'Karboğazı may be an alternative to Bolu in football'
MERTİD President Hamit İzol stated that the infrastructure works of Karboğazı Ski Center should be provided to the region for the revitalization of Mersin tourism and the incentives should be provided to the region. Merkezi Some circles mention that there is not enough snow. Let's say there's not enough snow. If desired, artificial snow is poured again desired. Snow does not hinder investment in this area. The snow can also be used for summer tourism. Footballers are camping in Bolu during the summer months. Karboğazı can also be the center of the camps with the facilities to be built and we can host football teams of the provinces close to the East, Southeast and Mediterranean regions. Ler

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