Antalya ready to ski

Antalya ski race ready: Turkey Ski Federation Antalya Provincial Representative by first ski races organized edildi.antaly Ski City Representative Office in the city, Antalya Ski Specialized Youth and Sports Club, Antalya Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of Isparta Youth Services to the race will be carried out by the Directorate of Sports City 45 athletes will participate. Turkey Ski Federation to participate in the race organized by the organization in accordance with the curriculum that you need to make the provincial championship ski race Antalya Provincial Representative Bulent Nevcanoğl, said the organization will be held in Isparta Davraz Ski Resort. Noting that the races will be held in Isparta due to the insufficient amount of snow at Saklıkent Ski Center on the date of the race organization, Nevcanoğlu said, “Races will be held in the Alpine discipline and snowboard categories. The winning athletes will participate in the sowboard races to be held in Erzurum Palandöken on January 9-10-11 and the stage 1 races to be held in Erciyes. Here, too, if they receive the degree will compete in the Turkey championship. Antalya Ski Provincial Representation will represent our city in the next national and international ski races, ”he said.