Ankara Mamakta Asphalt Road Crumbled

Ankara Mamakta Asphalt Road Crashed: In the incident that occurred in the Mamak district of Ankara, the asphalt road collapsed during the basic works of a construction. Construction in Başşehir caused the road to collapse. The street on Duralialıç Mahallesi 937. Sokak, the building works on 928. Sokak collapsed instantly. In addition, the water pipe that met the neighborhood's water needs also exploded.
The incident occurred at the moment of excavation of the construction, which is under construction between Mamak Duralialıç Mahallesi 928. Sokak 8 and 14 buildings. At the moment of excavation of the foundation of the building, the asphalt road on 937th Street collapsed. In addition, the water pipe, where the neighborhood met its water needs, also exploded. The municipal teams then arrived at the scene to repair the collapsed section of the road and the water pipe. The officers who repaired the exploded pipe also cleaned the asphalt parts of the collapsed road.
Residents of the water pipe in the evening, indicating that they went out with the explosion of the residents, large-scale excavations at the time of construction work was done and they claimed that the cause of the road crash. Citizens sitting in the vicinity, said that they are not in the water and infamous state, when they returned from the evening bazaar and said they could not enter the street.

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