Important explanation for Ankara-Kayseri High Speed ​​Line

Important explanation about Ankara-Kayseri High Speed ​​Line: The Erciyes-Cappadocia Workshop was held in Nevşehir to combine the forces of Erciyes and Cappadocia and to get a greater share of the region's tourism cake. Greater Mayor Mehmet Ozhaseki, Erciyes and Cappadocia together to be a great synergy will occur, he said. President Özhaseki, Ankara-Kayseri high-speed train line for the first time announced a new development.
Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki made an important statement about Ankara-Kayseri High Speed ​​Line in Erciyes-Cappadocia Workshop. Stating firstly the Antalya line, President Özhaseki stated that the high-speed train line that will extend from Antalya to Kayseri, announced by the Ministry of Transportation, will also include Nevşehir, and then drew attention to a development regarding the Ankara line. Expressing that the Ankara-Kayseri high speed train line can be built with Build-Operate, Özhaseki said, “If the tender is to be awarded with Build-Operate, the entrepreneurs who want to do this want to reach Kayseri via Nevşehir. The group that wants to do this will take their proposals to the ministry in this way. ” Touching on the work related to thermal water in Erciyes, President Özhaseki stated that experts from the Ministry of Energy have been working for a while, but the work has not been completed due to snowfall, “It will most likely be hot water at 1500-2000 meters. Erciyes will enter a different environment when we find it. ”
In his speech, Nevşehir Mayor Hasan Ünver said that Cappadocia and Erciyes are the common values ​​of both provinces. These two values ​​should be used well, indicating that the Unver, joint projects can be developed projects, he said.
Deputy Chairman of Parliament and Kayseri Deputy Sadik Yakut, Erciyes and Cappadocia values ​​would be a good job of combining said. Yakut stated that they will provide all kinds of support for high-speed trains and other projects.
Nevşehir MPs Ebubekir Gizligider and Erdal Feralan also stated that the fact that Cappadocia and Erciyes act together will have very important benefits for the region.
Participating in the Cappadocia-Erciyes Workshop, the district mayors and tourism people expressed their views and offered suggestions for the development of regional tourism.

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